Backups – Redundancy vs Recovery.

Every year I hear the same stories from folks. It goes like this:

R2: Hello!

Cust: Yeah, uh hi, can you recover my lost data?

R2: We have a good success rate at data recovery but it would be faster and easier to just pull your data back off your backup. You do have a backup don’t you?

(Awkward Silence)

Cust: Well we don’t have a backup….

I’ve had this call more times than you can imagine.  Data recovery is expensive and depending on what data is at stake it can be very emotional as well.  With today’s storage prices there is no reason why even the most basic home user should be without a backup.  Conventional hard drives have moving parts and like all machinery they can and will fail, often times with little or no warning.  Recovery of the data on the drive can quickly cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars.  Backup solutions start well below $ 100.00

R2 Solutions can offer a number of options:

  • RAID solutions
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Hot swappable drives and drive bays and other external or removable media
  • Cloud based storage

The cost is remarkably low and as the old adage goes:  “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Contact R2 Solutions today about improving your ability to deal with the inevitable data storage loss.

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